Thursday, October 13, 2011

On teasing one's ego....

Why? Because there's my name next to Piotr's. Of course this only works if you do not know the facts and are somehow led to believe I am any good...
And just BTW - there is no such thing as ego... it's all smoke and mirrors illusion ;-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On evolutionary learning

It all started in around 2003 when I started to learn snowboarding.

See, ever since I passed the age of 12 I have always been afraid of winter sports for they seemed so injury-prone. I have had this vision of a small skiing accident where left ski goes too much to the left while the other one goes too much to the right... You make one small, stupid mistake and you end up with twisted out knees and not attending Aikido classes for at least three months. But then Beata convinced me to try snowboarding. It looked more safe, at least it seemed difficult to fuck your knees up... At this stage my Aikido was at the point that I was confident to fall anywhere on anything so I tried snowboarding and loved it ever since. As I was making my first steps Beata was already advanced enough to show me good and bad snowboarding. And we both embarked on journey for perfection. For beautiful half-circles in the snow, straight back, chest forward, not exposing your butt and for gentle skimming the snow with the tips of your left glove... I spent serious amount of time and conscious effort to polish my technique and eradicate obvious errors. We were lucky enough to meet some good teachers who gave some tips and gave us something to work with... And then there was just practice, practice, re-assessment and again practice and practice and practice... Very, very Zen

And then it hit me. I grew this idea that given enough amount of time and proper mental attitude your body will naturally find the proper, correct way of snowboarding. The assumption here is that if you learn proper technique you will not only gain total control of the snowboard (and thus - yourself), but also the flow will be effortless. So if you loose control due to something in a bad style - you will remember - do not go there. If you get in tight corner and you do not loose control because you were doing things right - you will remember - that's the way to do it. Of course our bodies are lazy - if you find more efficient way of snowboarding - with time you will have tested if while relaxed you still have control of your board... So given sufficient amount of time and exercise (and I mean - mathematically sufficient) you will learn the proper technique even without the teacher.

Admittedly having a good teacher is a great shortcut - you do not have to re-invent the wheel, you are shown the proper way right from the beginning. Just try to copy ;-)

I guess the question is - how much longer would it be without the teacher?

And what about Aikido?

Monday, October 10, 2011

On why I want Nikon D800

Why? No, not the gazillion megapixels. There is one simple reason - according to all rumors circulating the Web it - supposedly - will have 100% viewfinder coverage. Can't wait...