Tuesday, May 12, 2020

On this very blog

I was just thinking... I do not feel the urge to post here things anymore, so what I think I will do is re-purpose this space for my personal web site. I know I could use Google sites for that... Oh well, perhaps that'd be better idea? Just thinking aloud here.

Friday, February 21, 2020


Seen Twelve Monkeys?

Just saying...

Friday, December 20, 2019

More status updates

Did Shogaku Shugyo in Ichikukai dojo in November, last weekend passed Shidoin.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

On long overdue update

Yeah, it’s been a while. Whole life happened meanwhile. Got my heart broken a few times, I guess i also broke some. Passed my yondan exam. Still working for Swiss money laundering bank... BTW, just finished reading Interlock, a book on Mark Lombardi. Very deep is the rabbithole indeed. So do not feel bad forking for the Swiss. Spent almost a month in Vietnam, loved it. Planning to replace my bimmer with a newer one, of course still with boxer engine. Oh well, there you have it. Update for Q1 2019.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

On sights

So I have tried Aimpoint T1, Aimpont Comp4s, Eotech XPS, Elcan, Trijicon AGOG TA31 and just now have my hands on Trijicon MRO. I played with all of these on my HK M27 and HK416 CQB and on Barnet Vengenance.
Yeah, yeah, there were also 3-12x56 and 10x50 and even 4x32 scopes.

For my use it seems MRO is the best. And no, not just because it's the new shiny toy. It just is the best for CQB.

Eotech was such a bad fit for me that I gave it away fairly soon.

Played with ACOG, loved it quite a lot, but have no use for it. But I did try, even with my bow. Spent several bolts just to zero it in. But I guess it will have to go too.

Played with Comp4s, but replaced it with T1 fairly quickly. Sold.

I put T1 on the bow, much better than ACOG or any scope, mostly because of lower mount. Will have to zero it in (again - a fortune spent in carbon bolts!), but this is where it will remain for the rest of its lifetime.

HK will get MRO. Clarity is awesome, field of view superior to T1, and ergonomics better with both low and high mount. Cool beans. Will swap it for 6-12x56 with longer barrel (DMR config), but a winner for CQB.

What about Elcan, you ask? Well, somehow I am not sold on it. Played with it for a couple of weeks, then sold it away. No serious drawbacks there, we just did not click. Gone and I am not sorry.

So there you have it. If you have a chance to go MRO - do not hesitate. And I do not even take prices into account. It's just another proof that the price is not relfection of usability. To each his own. For me it is MRO all teh way.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

On new shodans

We have seven new shodans in our dojo. Congrats!

Afterwards Sensei was giving away black belts like rings of power...
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone....

Monday, March 6, 2017

On joy of teaching aikido

For a long time I did not like teaching. I always thought my place is on the other side of this equation. But life (and Piotr) forced me to teach some, and not that I really disliked it, but rather did not find any joy in it.

Until recently.

You know - you are there in the middle of the mat and you call uke to show a technique... And he does not have the foggiest idea what you will do. You present one side or the other, you may call the attack. But he is blank. And this first time is the real deal. Second time he already knows the technique and he will play along his habits and preconceived ideas. But this first time... With good uke you can do the technique for real. This is the little spark of joy in the darkness of responsibility of a teacher.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

On Aikido Commandments

After almost a quarter of a century spent on tatami I decided to share some advice on what to do and what not to do in dojo. Observing these will make you progress faster and will let you avoid dead ends.

1. Do not quit
2. Always look at the feet
3. Always know where sensei and kamiza is
4. Elbows down
5. Try to do what is shown
6. Open chest
7. Heels together in suwari-waza
9. Do big motions rather than small
10. You are the owner of the responsibility that you do not get hit
11. Never let your sensei surprise you without your weapons
12. Danger may be real, but your fear is not - it is only your choice
13. Do not close your eyes when striking with weapons
14. Do not let your ego emotionally dead lock you with someone

Somme comments might be helpful

1. Do not quit
Pretty self explanatory. There are many people with amazing talent, most will quit. Same for mediocre people - most will quit as well. Make sure you are not one of them. The only difference between black belt and beginner is that the black belt did not quit.

2. Always look at the feet
This is what I always tell my students. Especially beginners. Whenever something is being presented - always look at the feet of the teacher. You will figure out the handwork later on, believe me. But if you do tenkan instead of irimi - no matter if you got the hand magic right - you screwed up. Observe the steps.

3. Always know where sensei and kamiza is
This is important. There are many legendary shihans who talk about zan-shin, mu-shin and similar esoteric subtleties. But how to apply this in everyday practice in dojo? I always try to know where kamiza is and where sensei is. You might be in middle of ushiro katate dori iriminage omote gedan, but always in the back of your mind keep this certain level of awareness. If you manage to keep this throughout the class - your zan-shin will grow. Two simple points of reference - kamiza and sensei. Easy-peasy.
Also - never sit with your back to kamiza. This costs push-ups in our dojo.

4. Elbows down
Difficult to convey the importance of this one. Just do.

5. Try to do what is shown
Especially on seminars. Sometimes teacher shows a different version of the technique and then you think 'Oh, in my dojo we do it differently'. And you stop looking at what is shown and already fall back into your old knowledge of the technique. No, wrong! Look at what is shown and try to do it as it is being taught. No need to show off you know it already. You can go back to your old ways when back in your dojo. But be here and now. Try to expand, experiment and see if you can do it the way the teacher shows.

6. Open chest
And keep shoulders down. Keep your head up and do not look into the eyes. Look through uke's throat.

7. Heels together in suwari-waza
Keep them like glued together. Do not drag your feet behind you. Be straight, erect and keep heels together. Sometimes I tie the feet of the students with obi in suwariwaza to teach this.

9. Do big motions rather than small
Extend, expand, own the space. Open chest and raise your forehead. Relax and flow.

10. You are the owner of the responsibility that you do not get hit
Yeah. Why did I hit you? Because you created opening for me. Because I could.

11. Never let your sensei surprise you without your weapons
Really. Is this so much to ask? Ties a bit with point 3 above. Always have your own weapons with you and know the fuck where you left it.

12. Danger may be real, but your fear is not - it is only your choice
Depends on the dojo, teacher and uke. But do not get cornered into fearing anything. This is training hall but sometimes raining hell. Go through it with your head high. And perhaps look at point 10 again. Could be you are doing something wrong?

13. Do not close your eyes when striking with weapons
I do that myself sometimes too, especially when going hard and for real. My recommendation? Work more with weapons with tough, strong studs for uke.

14. Do not let your ego emotionally dead lock you with someone
Sometimes this is positive, but most of the time this turns into pissing contest. Remeber your primary objective of being in dojo - it is to improve your skill, it is not to show off who has bigger bokken. So if you notice you tend to crush against this dude - try working with other people where you have less emotions and ego at play, where you have more space in your mind to finally understand footwork with yokomen-uchi.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

On Onnit

Some Onnit goodies have arrived, namely Alpha Brain.

Will let u know in a few months if I see any effects.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

On tanto blades

I have owned several tanto blades, mostly Cold Steel. I owned Recon Tanto, Tanto Lite, all perished in the old time. Now I have laid my hands on Kobun.
There is this mystery in this shape, the same beauty that you find in all machines designed for one and solely purpose. Like Humvee, nuclear submarine and HK416. Tanto has this elusive quality as well.
I am enchanted by the spirit hiding in the blades. By the clean lines of the geometry of tanto-shaped blade, especially if it is shinogi-zukuri. My three samurai swords have these, but tanto seems to have it condensed in much smaller frame. It's like it is more dense...