Sunday, June 5, 2011

On Facebook, blogging and Zbigniew Wodecki

Some friends of mine moved out of blogging into Facebook status updates. Supposedly its easier and faster. But - you might know or not - but Facebook is the evil empire now and has been like that for some time now. So I happily deleted my FB account over a year ago and I never had any regrets.

So back to blogging... Ideally - me think - I should be such an inspiring and interesting person that I should have something to say every day. But - unfortunately - I am not that much hype. My life is simple - daily dose of sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, pain, food, work and Aikido... So - unlike some others I know - I try to avoid spamming others with irrelevant and boring updates (likes of OMG, I pooed and feel great now or I just bought a new LV shoes)... So I blog only when something has actually happened.

So, trying to avoid Zbigniew Wodecki look (the transition phase of growing long hair) - how - do you think - does that work for me?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

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