Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Odejście najlepszych zawsze najbardziej boli...

Odszedł mój profesor Marian Piekarski. Szkoda że nie zdążę na pogrzeb, chciałbym go pożegnać...

Friday, October 15, 2010

On principles of operating environment but also generally in life

This is my Ibanez guitar

I hook it up with iPad AmpliTube application via this little adapter. Played with it and had lots of fun. But then... there is desktop AmpliTube 3 application which is so much more powerful than iPad application. So I decided to give it a try. And this is where I got shocked. Seriously

My Windows machine is Sony Vaio FW31ZJ with 4 GB of RAM and Core2Duo T9550 2.66GHz. Not top-notch turbo kung-fu machine, but still pretty decent. Runs 64-bit Windows 7, Experience Index = 5.0.

In desktop AmpliTube 3 I had like 1s delay - I would play the string (chord) and I would hear the sound over the speakers/headphones like 1 second later. Impossible to play... I did not have this delay with iPad, so I played with Windows controls, played with AmpliTube settings (like buffer size, etc) but was unable to get decent sound without delay... My friend has a Mac and he also uses AmpliTube so I called for help, yet he has no delay at all! So I reinstalled AmpliTube, played with it, fiddled with all the knobs and settings of both application and Windows OS and still got nowhere. I Googled and no help there either...

So for now I gave up on Windows version of AmpliTube but started thinking. If I can not get decent sound on good hardware but can play nice on much less powerful iPad - where is the catch? I see two options:
- Mac OS really is this much better than Windows OS, or
- Windows AmpliTube app really sucks
I Googled again and people did not get so much problems with Windows AmpliTube. So WTF? There is several GB of apps I collected over these all years that say conversion to OSX is a no-no. I hate the UI and general approach that this is Steve Jobs' world, I just happen to live in it. My notebook was scheduled for Windows re-installation this weekend anyway - I will retry AmpliTube on brand new, fresh W7 installation and let you know...

But is it possible that I was wrong all these years, that OSX is the way to go? I have always believed it's all potato-potata, purely personal preference: I like pears you like oranges. But is it possible that I am wrong?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On vintage aircrafts...

I know it's difficult to compare sad fart of Polish aviation engineers that ended up killing several pilots some years back (yeah, I am talking here Iskra) with a result of famous 100 series fighter jets at USAF. Yet the timeframe if inception would be about the same... One of bastard children of this 100 series airplanes was modification of F104G Starfighter into U2. OK, fine, Powells shot down over USSR while flying from Turkey to Norway, the whole history of Cold War, blah blah blah, but then this. OMFG

Monday, October 4, 2010

On my Nike blouse

Once I had opportunity to work in Berlin for extended period of time and there, in Berlin, I have found Nike Town store where I bought myself long sleeve Nike ACG blouse, red with a slogan Quit your job printed on chest.

This is the blouse i wore when I went to negotiate salary raise with my then-boss. Not very surprisingly I did not get one, so not long afterwards I changed my job profile ;-)

So now someone came up with a long, long story that says pretty much the same. Quit your job.

I hate being the trend-setter...

On peeing monkeys

As I've kept saying since long, long time ago - Nairobi itself is boring. Now at least there is an Aikido dojo, but before then there was nothing to do here in town. So I have always tried to get out of city as much as possible. This is why I got here the tent, sleeping bags, stove and all the knick-knacks you would need while camping.

And last two weekends we went with Ally to Naivasha for weekend camping. That was almost fun. The problem was that last weekend there was this super-luminous full moon and the night was so bright that all the wild animals went just crazy. All those birds, wild pigs, hippos and gods know what else were so loud I did not get much sleep. And then... Early in the morning (judging by reddish sky in the east - about 0500) a monkey went up the tree and pissed on our tent.
I know, I know - some people would pay thick bucks to get pissed on by monkeys in equatorial Africa. I had to wash the tent, and - lessons learned - this weekend I pitched it so that there were no tree branches above my yellow house.