Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On photo equipment

I sometimes get asked (dunno why me?) whether to buy new lens or upgrade camera body. And then I always remember what Dzieko told me ages ago, even before I got myself into photography:
Bodies go, lenses stay.
So whenever buying lens remember you'll - most probably - get stuck with it for much longer than with camera body. And always buy the best lens you can afford at the expense of the price of camera body.

Just a small hint...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On yesterday's post

You see - I am an engineer (slash) scientist. I know who Shannon and Kotielnikov were, I can even prove Nyquist's sampling frequency theorem. I know different ADC and DAC implementations, I know how different D-class amplifiers work. Damn, I just know that shit.

This is why I want to implement in my Hi-Fi an elegant solution. As all of my music collection is (in one way or another) digital and I would like to use D-Class amp (TacT Millenium - equivalent), I see no need to buy a component which would have additional DAC.

So my previous post was on the first element in this line - source. Then I can hook it up to Tact S-2150 X D (no analog inputs here!) in digital domain and output power signal (analog) to B&W 803, ProAc Carbon Pro (or equivalent). If my source has volume control I can even use cheaper T2. Perhaps I could even buy their DAC and build my own amp? Just wish I had more time...

And I know, I know - it's all about jitter.

Monday, June 7, 2010

On future-proof hi-fi

Well, it is not easy nor obvious.

I have a couple of hundreds of CDs back home, but let's face it - CDs are so '90s. What I would like to have is a digital content source rigged to good quality D-class amp and decent speakers.

I bought PS3 in hope to use it as a source (server), but there are several drawbacks:
1. It is not exactly audiophile-grade
2. Does not support the ONLY hi-quality audio format - FLAC
3. Require a TV

My friend uses Mac Mini, but I would like to avoid Apple products as much as possible. I do not want PC neither. So what can I use? Thing like Logitech Transporter comes to mind (XLR!), but this thing has no storage! What else? There is Olive HD, but have mixed feelings about that.

The second question is - where to get HD content? There are some web stores selling HD (like this and this and this), these days even DG offers FLAC to download. And I still would have to come up with reasonable way to rip CD to FLAC (people in the know say PC-ripping is not exactly the way)

Any ideas? Thoughts? Contributions?