Monday, February 22, 2010

On differences between Wild West and Europe

So I was thinking of where the wind will blow and I do have some issues with accepting the direction it seems to be taking me... I kinda see on the horizon the end of my stay here in Africa and I need to evaluate my options on the way forward. And I do have a problem.

It all starts with martial arts. I have been practicing Aikido for last 18 years and - even though I have never used it outside dojo (you hear that, Pmasz!?) - I believe I have the skill set to cope with some combat situations. Hopefully I will never have to.

Here, in Central Africa, the Police force is (a) as corrupted as it possibly can be, (b) foundation of local organized crime /and they do not tolerate competition/ and (c) totally ineffective. I know this sounds crazy but here mindset of people does not allow them to grasp the concept of fingerprint analysis. I am not joking or exaggerating. Watch Fritz Lang's movie M, which showed fingerprints used in Europe 100 years ago. These people here are unable to evem grasp the concept! Unfortunately I know this first hand. So if a crime is not solved on spot - it's not solved at all. I could tell you many blood-chilling stories about incompetency of Police and also their ruthlessness when it comes to handling caught criminal. Why so violent? Because I guess somewhere in their minds they realize how poor is the service they give. The outcome of this situation is that people here simply do not count on Police to serve and protect. Thus this really is Wild West. I do not know if this is commonly accepted attitude here but I - personally - feel I need to protect myself. And here it is not inconceivable that here people take law into their hands. Yeah, also heard and seen a lot of such episodes. And this situation is OK as long as you are willing to face it. As I have written above - so far I did not have to take any drastic actions. I believe if you're smart enough and do not put your finger between door you will not get hurt. But if someone tries - I believe I will be able to retaliate...

In Poland situation is totally different. The Police seems to be top-notch, sometimes almost CSI-level effective, but... the law still protects the offender, not the victim. I have been outside the country almost two years now but I follow the news. Nothing changes. The Brothers turned the country into parody of itself and unfortunately this is reflected in personal safety too. Remember those day when Policemen were afraid to shoot at the bad guys because of the court-martial, paperwork and all the bullshit they'd have to face at the office? Perhaps the situation is a bit better now, but the law still protects the bad guys. The number of examples is staggering. This is one big joke aimed at the decent guys. And unlike Africa - I can not retaliate.

The bottom line? I feel safer here, in Kenya...

Why? Because here in Kenya I have to face bad gyus only. In Poland there are bad guys against me as well as the law.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Batto ho

As always - on the roof.
I used to do Shindo Munen Ryu (as much as I can remember) but felt I should not neglect Muso Shinden Ryu. So I bought this long carpet I would put on the roof where I can do suwari-waza techniques. And I found I forgot a thing or two. This forced me to search the net for some reminders (as my notes were not sufficient to brush up) and I found this:

Simply beautiful.

Oh yeah, I forgot - best watches silenced.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nice ride

Mostly for math freaks and pot smokers - here.

Of course HTML5 is preferred over Flash, if only your browser can support it...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Signum Temporis


Reminds me of days when Dzieko would always get a headshot before I could even see him (CounterStrike). But now I think even he would get his ass kicked with these kids. After all we're all over 35...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We've got a winner!

I know, I know, I am a picky gamer.

I played everything that came along. And then - in mid nineties - I saw C&C. And RTS is what I become to love... till I saw Operation Flashpoint. I was blown away by its realism. And since OpFp nothing was the same. And my gaming went in two parallel paths - RTS and FPP shooters. I went through all of Call of Duty, Medal Of Honor, all Dooms and Quakes and all. I went through Starcrafts and all Diablos and so on. But it all was crap. What I needed was a game that would replicate the feeling I had with OpFp and C&C. When it comes to RTSes I found something best ever - Company Of Heroes. Simply the best RTS ever made. It's going to be seriously long time till someone actually will triumph CoH.

But when it comes to FPP shooters I still was constantly disappointed. The best contender was Americas Army and ArmA, both of which still had something missing... Then there was - recently released - OpFp Dragon Rising. Still not the thing. I play it now, but there is some element missing. Dunno, perhaps responsiveness? Is it my Vaio that's not powerful enough? Dunno, something is wrong...

And just last week I obtained PC version Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. And OMG - this is the best thing ever. OK, it's not realistic, not a war sim. This is just a entertaining game. Highly entertaining. And I love it. Will keep me warm while I wait for truly realistic and fun-to-play war sim shooter ;-)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Read here. Wonder what this means for the whole military? Guess USMC gets a big boost in general, USAF gets cut down on strategic bombers, USN get more support for LCS-esque ships, US Army gets more Bradleys and SCARs. Perhaps even Commanche program would be revived?

Of course this means whole military needs to get more flexible, more mobile. Recon, Green Berets, Delta, Rangers and Seals get increase in numbers... Will it be possible to increase numbers of spec-ops operatives without compromising quality?

I guess we'll see what we'll see... won't we?