Tuesday, June 20, 2017

On sights

So I have tried Aimpoint T1, Aimpont Comp4s, Eotech XPS, Elcan, Trijicon AGOG TA31 and just now have my hands on Trijicon MRO. I played with all of these on my HK M27 and HK416 CQB and on Barnet Vengenance.
Yeah, yeah, there were also 3-12x56 and 10x50 and even 4x32 scopes.

For my use it seems MRO is the best. And no, not just because it's the new shiny toy. It just is the best for CQB.

Eotech was such a bad fit for me that I gave it away fairly soon.

Played with ACOG, loved it quite a lot, but have no use for it. But I did try, even with my bow. Spent several bolts just to zero it in. But I guess it will have to go too.

Played with Comp4s, but replaced it with T1 fairly quickly. Sold.

I put T1 on the bow, much better than ACOG or any scope, mostly because of lower mount. Will have to zero it in (again - a fortune spent in carbon bolts!), but this is where it will remain for the rest of its lifetime.

HK will get MRO. Clarity is awesome, field of view superior to T1, and ergonomics better with both low and high mount. Cool beans. Will swap it for 6-12x56 with longer barrel (DMR config), but a winner for CQB.

What about Elcan, you ask? Well, somehow I am not sold on it. Played with it for a couple of weeks, then sold it away. No serious drawbacks there, we just did not click. Gone and I am not sorry.

So there you have it. If you have a chance to go MRO - do not hesitate. And I do not even take prices into account. It's just another proof that the price is not relfection of usability. To each his own. For me it is MRO all teh way.