Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On where trams go to sleep

I had this idea of this picture in my mind for some time... So decided today is the day. Took the gear, pipeful of Dunhill DeLuxe Navy Rolls and went to do it. Waited like an idiot for over an hour for these dudes to switch the lights inside... Eventually it got too dark outside and I did not get what I came for. The result is something totally different from what I envisioned. Oh well...

On bike helmets

Once I bought my beemer, I had to buy a helmet. I wanted something high(er)-end, eventually went with Shoei. Of course I bought the black one as I wanted the cool bad-ass look - you know, with black leather jacket, worn jeans and kikoy scarf ;-). Nobody told me to consider the fact that black gets hot. And, oh Buddha, it does. So I took my black helmet and tried to apply to it the skills I acquired while putting camouflage on my weapons. The result is here:

I'd say not bad for half an hour spray paintjob after 3 Urquells.