Sunday, October 6, 2013

On sex, love and Sartre

I read Sartre when I was at the University, then I read all the other existentialists. And then I became a buddhist. And then, in last couple of years some things happened to me that i tried to make heads and tails out of any of these things like love, sex, relationship, truth, lies and so on.

I still consider myself a buddhist.

But recently I revised Existentialism, and while this one does not contradict Buddhism, it somehow focuses on smaller picture. It's like Newtonian physics is a subset of General Relativity. Or something like that.

Anyway - what I wanted to say is that whatever you do - you are alone in this. And all responsibility falls on you for whatever you do.

No, this is not a bad thing. Just let these scales fall off your eyes and stop blaming others or the world for your fuck-ups.

Oh yeah, right. How does sex and love fall into this? Well, to make long story short - these are just smoke and mirrors. Illusions and chess games. But - please - do your own research. Study, experience and draw your own conclusions. I do not want to give you easy answers. All I am saying - it is not as easy as it seems. Or better even - it's easier than you think.

And yes, Karmapa-chenno, motherfucker ;-)

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