Thursday, October 24, 2013

On age

This month it is 21 years since i started aikido.

Recent passing away of Murashige sensei made me question what this is all about.

I am in no way any good at this. But thanks to Piotr I was lucky enough to have been exposed to some truly amazing experiences, pinnacle of which was being one of the last uchi-deshi in San Diego dojo. And more and more I feel aikido is not about becoming kick-ass killa. Its about passing this fleeting, subtle feelings and impressions I collected over the years. Passing on to younger kids who were not lucky enough to have met TKC or Murashinge. Too bad I am so flawed and crappy at passing it on. Too bad I was too thick to gain more from exposure to really iconic and legendary teachers... I knew then that it was important for me, now it downs on me it was not for me at all, I was just the messenger. Now I begin to see the responsibility that came with it and I am afraid I am failing dramatically.

Oh well, after all - all I can do is try the best within my (admittedly) limited abilities...

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