Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On being old...

I just hate being old.
I was sitting in front of my computer on the floor on my foot and now my ankle has been sore for two days. I am OK with that, I get it. Then I was doing my daily workout and now my wrist hurts. I am fine with that, perhaps I pushed myself a bit too far.
But then I was putting on my shoes and something cracked in my back and the pain was like white hot iron rod was driven between vertebrae and I had a hard time walking down the stairs and getting into my Merc.
But do you get it? Aikido is fine, workout is fine, knife throwing is just perfect, all these crazy ninja stuff I can do no problem. It is the treacherous daily tasks that pose the biggest danger, like tying your laces or something... Expecting the unexpected and all that shit. I hate being old...

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