Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On sound quality

Perhaps this is not exacly an illnes per se, but certainly a condition... Once i settle somewhere permanently i would like to have a nice listening room with Marantz Pearl Lite set. You may ask what is so sick about it? I do not have my listening room, do not have Marantz nor speakers yet, but I am already considering how to improve the sound quality. Whether to change speakers, cables, put some accoustic dyffusors or absorbers or to change the source. Here, in Kenya there aren't any shopps with audio equipment. If you remember the black Americans in old movies from '70s and '80s walking around the hood with ghetto blasters you will be able to understand the available audio equipment here. Big speakers, lots of flashing, blinking lights, big volume knobs (by big I mean in the range of 20cm). Lots of DJ equipment, lots of concert equipment, but if you want to listen to music at home you have only one choice - import your NADs or Marantz'es from abroad... I was shocked not to find a SINGLE shop with even medium quality of audio equipment. Nothing, nada. So I went to Yamaha shop and bought Yamaha powered studio monitors. And then the scales fell from my eyes and now I can see in color... Now I need to replace the cables and finish manufacturing my wine-cork dyffusor... Am also considering the stands... My condition is back...

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