Monday, November 21, 2011

On Quality

So as a part of preparation for holidays in south-east Asia I decided to get International Driving Permit. And that was legen... wait for it ...dary.

I went to AA Kenya and they said it would take 15 minutes. I thought Wow, that's faster than in Poland!. So I left all of my documents with the guy and went for a walk while he was processing...

I came back after 20 minutes and it still was not ready, he's not even started. Oh well, after all T.I.A. So I went for another cruise around neighbouring shops. After 50 minutes it still was not ready for the guy was unable to print something... Yet the document was ready and I saw he made mistakes and he tried to white-out them and re-write over that. Seriously? It was Saturday so he was unable to confirm with his boss if he can re-issue another one so we agreed I'd be back on Monday...

I came around today and he had a new one re-issued (without white-outs ;-) but as he saw me he jumped to his boss and she had to issue third one for he had made more mistakes there! Seriously!?

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