Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On Karajan

I like Herbert von  Karajan, I like yellow covers of Deutsche Grammophon discs. I like good quality content, well engineered and played on nice hi-fi in good, quiet environment...
Now, admittedly I never cared enough to actually read Karajan's biography, I definitely prefer to listen to his music. It's just that as an engineer I know a thing or two...
He was one of the pioneers of new medium (in early 1980' CD was a major step forward from vinyl), he also was the first one to introduce all-digital recordings, where even master copy was digital. On the other hand - Ken Ishiwata (the guy behind Marantz) said Karajan was placing the microphones too close to the instruments (in so-called near field) which introduced distortions and his recording are not as good as they could've been... But to the point.
In vast bowels of the Web I have found this...


As I said - I don't know much about his bio, but... anyone cares to explain?
I mean - on one hand Herbert fuckin' von Karajan, and on the other.... Somalia? WTF?

It reminds me a bit Robin Williams' rant on Easter: on one hand you have history of betrayal, crucifixion, death, resurrection and on the other... Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies... You clearly see the connection there, right?

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