Friday, January 21, 2011

On reality of things

What things? Like safety of life in Nairobi.
Let's face it - I am realtively rich mzungu (read: white man) here and most of problems that affect many Kenyans do not affect me. So I live in a - sort of - bubble. I can easily convince myself that I am safe and life has no threats. But you know - 19 years of Aikido training, plus family traditions (grandpa in Polish Underground Army - AK) makes me that kind of person who trusts noone. Additionally there are these things that sometimes pierce this bubble of illusion of safety. I have written about it here and here.

And now this. I am just speechless...

Friday, January 7, 2011

On more personal note

So yes, I have been in love before. but I have never experienced it with such magnitude before. Never. It could be a long story to tell but seems like it ends here. The love of my life has left me and I feel I am so sad, emotionaly drained and empty... Like never before.
But as I was driving through Nairobi with beautiful sun outside, Nick Cave's Let love in played in the car, a Montechristo cigar in my hand... And I realized life is beautiful. Why? Exactly because I am sad and hurt. Because it is possible for me to experience such things. The very fact that they can appear...
And then I remembered what the Teachers always used to say: these just ripples on the surface, and ocean runs deep below.