Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pmasz & Co.

So Piotr visited me here in Nairobi. We went to Hell's Gate and Magadi. A couple of pictures...

More pics here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

On unavoidability

In the live of every man there comes this moment that you can not postpone certain things any further. Yesterday was mine.

I have this katana. It is a good, healthy blade. Heavy. But it is not in this class ow weapons that you would spend 1500 US$ just to have it sent to Japan to have it professionally polished (read: sharpened). So yesterday I took my sharpening stone and retouched the edge.

Now batto-ho is scary again...

Friday, November 25, 2011

On Google Music

I used Tor to get relocated to US (at least as long as Google servers are concerned) to initialize Google Music. And there... A bummer! 320 kbps MP3 only. Seriously? No FLAC? Sheesh... Was hoping for a way to run away from iTunes (and its limit of not supporting FLAC) but seems Google Music gets me not any further...

Monday, November 21, 2011

On Quality

So as a part of preparation for holidays in south-east Asia I decided to get International Driving Permit. And that was legen... wait for it ...dary.

I went to AA Kenya and they said it would take 15 minutes. I thought Wow, that's faster than in Poland!. So I left all of my documents with the guy and went for a walk while he was processing...

I came back after 20 minutes and it still was not ready, he's not even started. Oh well, after all T.I.A. So I went for another cruise around neighbouring shops. After 50 minutes it still was not ready for the guy was unable to print something... Yet the document was ready and I saw he made mistakes and he tried to white-out them and re-write over that. Seriously? It was Saturday so he was unable to confirm with his boss if he can re-issue another one so we agreed I'd be back on Monday...

I came around today and he had a new one re-issued (without white-outs ;-) but as he saw me he jumped to his boss and she had to issue third one for he had made more mistakes there! Seriously!?

Monday, November 7, 2011

On scary movies

As my birthday was last week I allowed myself to be dragged into this whole Halloween craze. Not too much, but a bit. I went to the Web and searched for list with rankings in the mood of top 50 scary movies. Why? Just to see perhaps I have missed something. Well, I have. So I spent last 10 days watching thrillers.

And honestly? It is difficult to make a good thriller. So far I liked The Exorcist (of course ;-), The Ward was OK (though predictable), I really enjoyed Invasion of the Body Snatchers (there's something awfully fascinating in classical B&W sci-fi movies from '60s), I was disappointed with The Signs (again - too predictable), the really worst one (so far) was The Ruins. Was positively surprised by The Fire in the Sky, though this one is hardly a thriller... I also really enjoyed The Fourth Kind.

Oh yeah - I do not like gore movies, so I skipped on the Midnight Meat Train, all episodes of The Saw, Hostel, Frailty and the like. I prefer ghost / daemons / aliens... Meat is just yuck...

The funny thing is - there are 13 more movies in the pipeline... Including Omen, Rosemary's Baby, In The Mouth Of Madness and many, many others...

Boogy Boogy Boogy...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On teasing one's ego....

Why? Because there's my name next to Piotr's. Of course this only works if you do not know the facts and are somehow led to believe I am any good...
And just BTW - there is no such thing as ego... it's all smoke and mirrors illusion ;-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On evolutionary learning

It all started in around 2003 when I started to learn snowboarding.

See, ever since I passed the age of 12 I have always been afraid of winter sports for they seemed so injury-prone. I have had this vision of a small skiing accident where left ski goes too much to the left while the other one goes too much to the right... You make one small, stupid mistake and you end up with twisted out knees and not attending Aikido classes for at least three months. But then Beata convinced me to try snowboarding. It looked more safe, at least it seemed difficult to fuck your knees up... At this stage my Aikido was at the point that I was confident to fall anywhere on anything so I tried snowboarding and loved it ever since. As I was making my first steps Beata was already advanced enough to show me good and bad snowboarding. And we both embarked on journey for perfection. For beautiful half-circles in the snow, straight back, chest forward, not exposing your butt and for gentle skimming the snow with the tips of your left glove... I spent serious amount of time and conscious effort to polish my technique and eradicate obvious errors. We were lucky enough to meet some good teachers who gave some tips and gave us something to work with... And then there was just practice, practice, re-assessment and again practice and practice and practice... Very, very Zen

And then it hit me. I grew this idea that given enough amount of time and proper mental attitude your body will naturally find the proper, correct way of snowboarding. The assumption here is that if you learn proper technique you will not only gain total control of the snowboard (and thus - yourself), but also the flow will be effortless. So if you loose control due to something in a bad style - you will remember - do not go there. If you get in tight corner and you do not loose control because you were doing things right - you will remember - that's the way to do it. Of course our bodies are lazy - if you find more efficient way of snowboarding - with time you will have tested if while relaxed you still have control of your board... So given sufficient amount of time and exercise (and I mean - mathematically sufficient) you will learn the proper technique even without the teacher.

Admittedly having a good teacher is a great shortcut - you do not have to re-invent the wheel, you are shown the proper way right from the beginning. Just try to copy ;-)

I guess the question is - how much longer would it be without the teacher?

And what about Aikido?

Monday, October 10, 2011

On why I want Nikon D800

Why? No, not the gazillion megapixels. There is one simple reason - according to all rumors circulating the Web it - supposedly - will have 100% viewfinder coverage. Can't wait...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Second take on Mt. Kenya

This was my second attempt at Mount Kenya. This time women were left behind and there were only four of us, guys. We took Chogoria route. We did not find anyone at KWS station at the mountain foot so we just drove in. The route took us through equatorial jungle, later becoming bamboo forest.

On our way to park gate we met some guys in old Land Rovers (like seriously Out Of Africa old) going down and these guys told us there was no way we'd make it to the gate in our car. We just laughed at them and Bartek even said Whatcha mean we won't make it? Of course we will! I will have a sandwich while we do. Admittedly we got stuck like four times in the mud, but I have seen enough Camel Trophy documentaries to know what to do. We cut some bamboo, dug some mud from under the tires and we stuffed the bamboo there.

Thus we got out of mud and ploughed on uphill, soon reaching Park Gate at altitude 2950 m. From there another seven clicks - no mud there, just some creeks and kinda uneven road:

and we reached Road Head at altitude 3300 m. Here we camped, drank and sang next to camp fire (we brought our own wood and charcoal ;-)

And all of us slept in my trusted tent: Bartek on the left, then his dad - Piotr, then my bag and Father Arek on far right

Next morning I had a moment catching spider webs lit by morning sunlight from underneath.

Oh well... We all have our idiosyncrasies, don't we? Soon we packed our stuff and moved up towards Mintos Hut.

Mintos Hut (altitude 4290 m) was actually a shed made of metal sheets, kinda windy and cold. I was kinda tired so I excused myself from the rest of the evening.

I could not sleep much this night. I would think this was the altitude - when I tried to sleep I would try to breathe through my nose, and there would be not enough oxygen, so I'd wake up suffocating, only to recover by breathing through my mouth. Then I'd try to sleep again but I'd wake up from the same sensation. Funny. We got up at 01:00 and set off to reach Lenana Point. It was kinda funny to walk - practically on Equator - in the night in sub-zero temperature only with headlamps... We reached Lenana Point (altitude 4985 m) just before sunrise:

The scenery was beautiful:

Here's the view for second highest point in Africa - Batian (altitude 5199 m)

As it was freezing cold (no, not the temperature but the wind chill factor) we did not dwell too long at the peak - just a few photos and we were off. We reached the hut at 0930, greeted by some Hyraxes.

We reached the car at 1345 and set off back home. Unfortunately while we were climbing up it has been raining down here and the mud we experienced on our way up got even more tricky. We got stuck once but I requested for a try and managed to pull the car out of the mud. The second time we got stuck we hanged on the floorplate in the middle of the jungle, only some 6-7 km down from the park gate. It was about 1500 hours.

At 1700 we decided this is beyond our ken. Of course - no cell coverage ;-) So we send our people to get some assistance. While Piotr and Bartek were walking 17 km downhill in all this mud, Arek and I still tried to move the car. We dug the hole from behind to free the rear axle, then from front to free front axle, then from the side to remove the mud from underneath the car. But the thing would not move. So I lifted the car on a jack by some 20 cm, put some tree branches under the wheels, then let the car down... I gained like 5 cm, but there still was not enough weight on the wheels - the car would not move. At about 2000 hours it started raining again and we gave up. At 2210 Piotr and Bartek came with the rescue - there are a bunch of guys who make their living by helping cars out of the mud on this very road... The moment Piotr and Bartek got into the car they just passed out ;-) The mud rescue team tried (in pouring rain) for two and a half hour, but at about 1230 they gave up. This was beyond their ken as well... They promised to come back at sunrise and disappeared into rain... We slept in the car. Not very comfortable... I woke up at about 0700. No rescue in sight... You know - T.I.A. - these guys might as well have given up on us. Uncertainty was the worst - you just do not know if you are being rescued or not...

They arrived at about 1200, altogether 12 people, some rescue guys, some priests and a lovely Polish nun who brought hot chocolate and clean towels and ham sandwiches... Call for help worked - 10 people just pushed the car out of the mud as if it was a toy... We've been stuck there for 22 and a half hours. Soon we reached the lower gate near KWS station:

I have never been so dirty in my life. I did not sleep properly since Wednesday (I managed to hit myself on my ear with a jo on Wednesday Aikido class to the point that I bled and I could not sleep Thursday night), I did not eat properly, I got running tummy from drinking water from stream up there (and later pooed all over the mountain). I was exhausted, dehydrated, sleepy but very, very happy.

And I will never eat Mars bar again. Ever

More pictures here

Thursday, August 25, 2011

On wisdom...

Years (literally) after TKC told me that ai-hanmi is omote and gyaku-hanmi is ura I slowly begin to understand what he meant... It's amazing how certain things need to grow and mature inside you for you to be able to comprehend them... Or - if you prefer - how you need to grow up and mature to comprehend certain things you already have ;-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On chicks and aliens - edited

I go to the bar and there are loads of beautiful women here in Kenya, and most of them - sadly - chasing after white dude. It feels a bit like being a rock & roll celebrity... Of course all of this is fake, but it still is there nonetheless, all of it right at your face. And they can be very persisting. Unfortunately sometimes it gets to the point that unless you tell her in the face to fuck off they will not let go. And I do not like being this rude...

So I am sitting at the bar sipping on Corona and thinking of the good old times in Mexico when this really beautiful girl takes a place next to me and tries to strike a conversation. Agenda is obvious - to get the white guy. But after very few words I realize that - as getting laid would be easy - getting to actually talk would not. Even though she did actually try. These people, especially those who were brought up outside Nairobi (or Mombasa) have such a different view of the world that makes any conversation impossible. It's not just that they do listen to different music and do not know who Pink Floyd or Franz Kafka were. Apart from biological similarities some of them are as alien as dolphins. Apart from drive for sex there is no common point. Their culture, education (if any), tradition, language, set of values... it is so different from ours that it actually put you in a very weird spot. I looked at this beautiful girl and thought that she being there at the hand reach and so willing... this made me feel so alien... All I wanted was to talk. But talk is not possible. Understanding is not possible. Sex? Sure, that has no value here (unlike for our culture). Money? Sure, people were forced to learn. But talk? Discussion? Exchange of thoughts? Forget it... So again - quite predictably - nothing happened...

But then it struck me - if communication with our own kind is so difficult - how can we ever hope to communicate with Aliens? We can communicate on this very superficial level, but can we hope to ever understand them?

And also - the same I guess applies to Arabs, Chinese, Indians, all of those who were not heavily exposed to Western culture. It is a cliche, but unless you experience it yourself you will never understand how deep and dramatic this divide is. And all these cultures co-exist here in Kenya parallel to each other, meet on very superficial level but do not mix, do not exchange thought, values, ideas...

And then we - Europeans - are surprised the Turkish live in Germany in their enclaves... Of course they do. Same shit, different place...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dangerous skies

So we sit today at the canteen enjoying (not so good) lunch. Table just next to us was deserted, but plates were left there with some leftovers. And as we eat - a huge (and I mean - huge) eagle swooshes by and picks up some of them leftovers. And this reminds me of a time I was in Mamba Village and had food there and I walk with my plate from the bar to hide from the sun under garden umbrellas when another of those big ones flies by and rips food off my plate. Not at empty table, but from a plate I was holding in my hand. Then I looked around and I saw that natives were shielding their food with another plate or just with their elbows so that the big birds can see they can't fit in there... But that was close to National Park. Today we were in the city centre and still your food was not safe. Today one dude brought his plate to the table outside and then went back to collect cutlery. As he was gone the bird flew in and picked up a piece of meat and flew away without stopping. One smooth swooosh of giant wings - said birds were at least 1.2 meters wingspan. We were there perhaps 20 minutes and this monster flew by at least 8 - 10 times... And this reminds me the other day I was doing iaido on my roof and was attacked on the back of my head by one of them monsters... Just a pass by - it flew away before I realized what was going on... Good for him, I had already my katana in my hand... And now seriously - where else are you forced to fight your your food (which already is on your plate) with eagles? How cool is that...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Old one...

Was testing new Microsoft RAW codecs and their NEF performance when I stumbled upon this one... Taken in Mombasa during last Xmass... Guess this was when we got drunk and collected a backpack full of crabs that Pmasz later deepfired... And yes, this is moonlight ;-)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On Karajan

I like Herbert von  Karajan, I like yellow covers of Deutsche Grammophon discs. I like good quality content, well engineered and played on nice hi-fi in good, quiet environment...
Now, admittedly I never cared enough to actually read Karajan's biography, I definitely prefer to listen to his music. It's just that as an engineer I know a thing or two...
He was one of the pioneers of new medium (in early 1980' CD was a major step forward from vinyl), he also was the first one to introduce all-digital recordings, where even master copy was digital. On the other hand - Ken Ishiwata (the guy behind Marantz) said Karajan was placing the microphones too close to the instruments (in so-called near field) which introduced distortions and his recording are not as good as they could've been... But to the point.
In vast bowels of the Web I have found this...


As I said - I don't know much about his bio, but... anyone cares to explain?
I mean - on one hand Herbert fuckin' von Karajan, and on the other.... Somalia? WTF?

It reminds me a bit Robin Williams' rant on Easter: on one hand you have history of betrayal, crucifixion, death, resurrection and on the other... Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies... You clearly see the connection there, right?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On Facebook, blogging and Zbigniew Wodecki

Some friends of mine moved out of blogging into Facebook status updates. Supposedly its easier and faster. But - you might know or not - but Facebook is the evil empire now and has been like that for some time now. So I happily deleted my FB account over a year ago and I never had any regrets.

So back to blogging... Ideally - me think - I should be such an inspiring and interesting person that I should have something to say every day. But - unfortunately - I am not that much hype. My life is simple - daily dose of sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, pain, food, work and Aikido... So - unlike some others I know - I try to avoid spamming others with irrelevant and boring updates (likes of OMG, I pooed and feel great now or I just bought a new LV shoes)... So I blog only when something has actually happened.

So, trying to avoid Zbigniew Wodecki look (the transition phase of growing long hair) - how - do you think - does that work for me?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recommended read


Thursday, May 26, 2011

On this damn hair...

So the growing process continues... Now my hair is too long for some non-destructive chemical warfare agent to keep them in acceptable pattern... At the same time it's still a tad too short for hairband... So now I just walk around office looking like Zbigniew Wodecki in his prime ;-)

Just a little longer, hang in there, man...

Monday, May 23, 2011

On putting your fingers between the door...

Heh, that's a good one...

Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has put me on the list of their resources available to all Japanese embassies in Central Africa countries as an Aikido teacher. So now I can get a call anytime from any Japanese Embassy and be asked to go and demonstrate...

Never thought my Aikido would become official like that.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

On music recommendation

If you are into weird music like Aube or Ellen Fullman or - even a bit into EN then I can recommend Jon Iverson's Alternasia. Good production quality, inspired by Indonesian folk music. Best part? Jon offers free high quality download (FLAC, of course) on his page for free.

Friday, May 6, 2011

On Chinese nuclear weapons program

First read some theory here (Wikipedia link). Then, armed with new (or not so new ;-) knowledge, go to this article.
What is interesting is not only the rare view into Chinese nuclear weapons program but also question of why they allowed for program's disclosure?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

On Buddhism

I just finished listening to audiobook History Of Western Philosophy written by Bertrand Russel. It was kinda long...

And I found it very interesting how inferior (at least logically, which can be easily judged) all of these trends are compared to Buddhism. And even philosophers exposed to Buddhism (Schopenhauer, Nietche, Hegel, etc) seem to totally misunderstand it. I know it's not an easy matter, but c'mon, these guys were supposed to be the brightest minds of their time. So where does this problem arise from? Lack of teacher? Lack of practice?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On data security

Please read this. Get it? Let me repeat again:
care in choosing secure passwords and applying encryption techniques to avoid leaving file fragments that could aid code breakers are more important in maintaining security than the algorithm a code maker chooses

Monday, April 11, 2011

On aliens... again

So I had to wash my hakamas. I try to avoid doing it as much as possible, but once in a while you just have to do it. And yesterday I decided I can't postpone it any longer... So I was ironing these two blue hakamas (I did the black one like a week ago) listening to old David Bowie album... And there was this song there titled Starman where Bowie sang that he (the Starman) is out there willing to meet us and party with us, he's just afraid he's freak us out...

Now, looking into Bowie's performance in The Man Who Fell To Earth this is interesting line for him to sing... But I digress.

For I believe Stephen Hawking is right - we should shut our mouths and sit quiet here until we invent super-duper defence weapon systems far beyond what Death Star was capable of. Because you never know... And the stakes are a bit too high to take chances.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

New music warning

Went through new album by PJ Harvey

Sorry to report this is not the same level of musical experience she got me used to coming from her. I can tell the workshop is awesome, quality-wise its very nice. But musically... disappointment. Just to make sure I listened to it for a couple of days, had it on like 7-8 times. With breaks. You know - sometimes music needs to grow on you... Sorry, not this time. Which is kind of funny, for all her previous albums just rock, including White Chalk. Oh well, maybe she lost it...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There Be Dragons...

One day I am starting grill to destroy some fish and I see some doodoo on the wall. Small, high up there... I almost ignored it, we get to see some strange insects every day here... But there was something odd about its shape that inspired me to take a closer look. And then I shouted Alison, Alison, we have a baby dragon!
She came from kitchen and gave the look you usually give to very damaged people... I pointed at the thingie, Alison climbed the table to take a closer look... OMG, it does look like baby dragon...
I had the wrong lens on the camera so picture does not do it justice...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Chopin

See, I grew up in country that - at the time that I was growing up - had almost nothing to boast about (at least not legally). And one of those few things people were allowed to enjoy was Chopin's music. And it was everywhere - radio, TV, newspapers, tuna sandwiches - everywhere... OK, in those days few knew what tuna tastes like ;-) And canned tuna has exactly nothing to do with the taste of tuna, no matter what your cats tell you.

But to the point - since Chopin was everywhere, I kinda was growing up unwittingly being exposed to it. Constantly. Perhaps this is the reason why after I started shaping my music taste I - sort of - neglected his works. I have well over a hundred of classical music albums bunkered somewhere in a safe place and only two of those are Chopin music.

Now, in remote corner of Africa I am cut off from all means of legally enjoying anything. Well, except wine, free sex, Cuban cigars, marihuana (if you are into such things), food, etc. But anything we (Europeans) would call culture is non existent here. There virtually is no theatre (just cheap, stupid and not-so funny comedies for the crowds), very few concerts of classical music, many concerts of jazz and r&b (but all African-flavoured - not digestible for anyone who has any kind of taste), no good movies (by good I mean something outside the stream of crap coming out of Hollywood), there is nothing here! So what I did - I obtained a lot of this music that I grew up listening to. I was just a kid then when my father exposed me to Pink Floyd or Alan Parsons or Van Halen. So now, after I grew up (musically) and entrenched myself within several carefully selected music trends, I decided it is time to face all those artists I am haunted by in my childhood dreams.

The first one to tackle is the big one - Fryderyk Chopin himself. I had high expectation, especially that I love good piano (Petrucciani, Jarrett, Możdżer). So I just finished going through Rubinstein Plays Chopin - eleven CD set.
I like it. There are some very nice pieces there. Generally it's slow, peaceful and melancholic (I'd rather avoid word boring), but several of pieces are just amazing. Make no mistake - this is eleven fucking hours of piano, all in very similar style ;-)

Next thing I will do I will go through Deutsche Grammophon Chopin Complete Edition. Yes, yellow covers rulez!

Monday, March 28, 2011

On Robbie Williams

Whoa... Long, long time ago I watched Robin Williams on Broadway from 2002. Now I found his stand-up from 2010. Amazing, 8 years later this guy is still super-energetic. Even more energetic than before. Seriously recommended (if you're into this kind of things).

On why sometimes you have to hate Google

See, most people do not know the answer to the question: what does Google make money on? Google has gazillion services (I am using many, many of them - GMail, GCal, GTalk, Picasa, Blogger, etc, etc, etc), but these services do not bring revenue. What Google makes money on is... ads.

I hate ads. One of the reason I do not watch TV and do not listen to radio is those annoying ads. Now, the dudes at Google are pros, they know their stuff. And one of the inventions straight from Pandora's Box is targeted ads. I have heard about it for quite a while but it is only now that I see it in practice... Yes, it has reached me here - in equatorial Africa...

I like canoeing. Back home (in Europe) practically every year since I joined University I would go for at least a week of canoeing... And I have been thinking of buying a canoe for last 5 years. And one of those days (like a month ago) sitting at the computer in the middle of the night I made a mistake of asking my dear friend Google about canoe producers and prices. Admittedly I got the answer I was looking for. But...

The motherfucker remembers I asked him about kayaks and canoes. And now Google tries to target at me the ads of kayaks, canoes, etc. So every page, every service which has advertising contract with Google pushes these canoe ads to my screen. Many different US canoe producers, UK kayak producers, Scandinavian sea kayak producers, various distributors, sport and camping stores, practically every Internet page I visit now has some kayaks or canoes to offer. Enough! I am sick of kayak and canoe ads. Enough! Please do not make me hate canoeing, for if it goes like this I will. Damn, it's like in the old joke - I am afraid to open tuna can...

BTW - I want this one ;-)

Dear Google - please gimme a break. Please advertise something else... like fake Rolexes, penis enlargement services, wonderbra, baby powder, Viagra, Russian wife candidates, Nigerian banks, real estate in Buenos Aires... Please, advertise anything but kayaks...

Monday, March 21, 2011

On proudly kenyan...

Yeah, you might have noticed that I like bitching about this country. There is a reason for that, it's more than the grass is greener on the other side attitude.
So today I went to the music store (the only one I know here) to buy wah-wah pedal... And of course they did not have any Cry Baby, in the whole shop they had only one from some shady manufacturer. So I asked the clerk how much it was and she would slowly stroll around the shop to find out the price from someone else... after the 20 minutes I just got tired of waiting and left without getting to know the price.
This reminds a bit of '80s in Poland when you go to the post office and the lady behind the desk says Don't you see I am having my coffee now? How rude of you to request some service when you can see I am busy...
Unfortunately here this attitude is everywhere, this was not isolated case...

Friday, March 18, 2011

On hair

Nope, not the Hair. On my hair ;-) I always wanted to be lean, mean fighting machine. And that involved either crew-cut or being bald. But then... Just out of sheer curiosity I grew my hair to shoulder-length. I think it was about 2006... A sample is here

Yup, it's me having Piotr Masztalerz at spoon point...

And just then, for some odd reason I allowed myself (admittedly - quite consciously) to be manipulated into position where I had to shave my head and waste all that effort... I have regretted it ever since. I have tried to grow it back a couple if times since then, but always unsuccessfully. You see - these transition phases are what is disturbing. Not only it looks bad (I couldn't care less), but it is annoying. Too long to try to control it with some hair gel but too short for hair pin or band...

Now I think I have a chance, even though I just got to another one of those annoying points. But I see it will be another 3 - 6 months before I am able to use hairband. Still - it's furthest on the hair quest that I ever got since 2006. Please keep your fingers crossed ;-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Signum temporis

Read this.

Just in case you think grass is greener on the other side... Yes, babe, it's a war out here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On why - sometimes - Kenya is better than Poland

See for yourself internet freedom

Source is here.

Of course what this means is that these countries are too poor or illiterate or too torn internally to care or be able to control the Web. I would presume with time they will...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

On reality of things

What things? Like safety of life in Nairobi.
Let's face it - I am realtively rich mzungu (read: white man) here and most of problems that affect many Kenyans do not affect me. So I live in a - sort of - bubble. I can easily convince myself that I am safe and life has no threats. But you know - 19 years of Aikido training, plus family traditions (grandpa in Polish Underground Army - AK) makes me that kind of person who trusts noone. Additionally there are these things that sometimes pierce this bubble of illusion of safety. I have written about it here and here.

And now this. I am just speechless...

Friday, January 7, 2011

On more personal note

So yes, I have been in love before. but I have never experienced it with such magnitude before. Never. It could be a long story to tell but seems like it ends here. The love of my life has left me and I feel I am so sad, emotionaly drained and empty... Like never before.
But as I was driving through Nairobi with beautiful sun outside, Nick Cave's Let love in played in the car, a Montechristo cigar in my hand... And I realized life is beautiful. Why? Exactly because I am sad and hurt. Because it is possible for me to experience such things. The very fact that they can appear...
And then I remembered what the Teachers always used to say: these just ripples on the surface, and ocean runs deep below.