Monday, October 4, 2010

On peeing monkeys

As I've kept saying since long, long time ago - Nairobi itself is boring. Now at least there is an Aikido dojo, but before then there was nothing to do here in town. So I have always tried to get out of city as much as possible. This is why I got here the tent, sleeping bags, stove and all the knick-knacks you would need while camping.

And last two weekends we went with Ally to Naivasha for weekend camping. That was almost fun. The problem was that last weekend there was this super-luminous full moon and the night was so bright that all the wild animals went just crazy. All those birds, wild pigs, hippos and gods know what else were so loud I did not get much sleep. And then... Early in the morning (judging by reddish sky in the east - about 0500) a monkey went up the tree and pissed on our tent.
I know, I know - some people would pay thick bucks to get pissed on by monkeys in equatorial Africa. I had to wash the tent, and - lessons learned - this weekend I pitched it so that there were no tree branches above my yellow house.

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zygfryd homonto said...

qrwa, unbelievable - you don't want to be pissed on by monkey ? what a pity !