Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On vectors, or - if you would - gradients

Is this sign of my age?
I follow several artists, I have been following them over many years (this is the age part) and I realized I do not like the direction in which most of them go. Take Tricky or Portishead. I know usually old farts like me listed and stick to music and stuff they consumed when they were in their early twenties, but come on...

Mamoru Oshii. Yup, the very one. Besides making this and then a sequel, he got this idea of this game he tried to sell in Avalon. Fun, but then he got kinda stuck. Just watched his Assault girls. Oops. And while Avalon was fun and had this weird atmosphere of seclusion and alienation and unreal reality with game being more real than real world (really lots of real in this sentence), Assault girls suffer from being just boring. No real plot, bad, bad, BAD acting and not fun to watch. I know Japanese culture is different but I have seen and enjoyed gazillion of fucked up Japanese movies (Casshern, Izo, Samurai Ressurection, etc).
I know in 15 years when his Avalon will be realized and commercialized he will be hailed as visionary, but i disapprove of his current gradient. Move on, dude.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

On... don't even know what

Went for lunch to the canteen today and bought food for 160 Shillings, gave the woman 1000 and she... had to calculate the change on paper. And she made a mistake!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to Kenya

After one month in Poland I am back in Kenya. A lot has happened during my time back home. One week of Aikido when I had the chance to see TKC and all my pals, then Alison arrived and we explored Wrocław. And yes - shopping. Lots of shopping...

We came back two days ago, yesterday was my first day at the office. So I had to drive back home after work. I already hate this place with its uneducated drivers, traffic rules nobody cares about and general lack of structured law and order. This is just traffic that pissed me off, but if you read my earlier posts - this propagates to all aspects of Kenyan life. I miss my home...