Saturday, July 24, 2010

On morality of corporations

I remember in the good old days, when I worked for Der Konzern there was this huge scandal that some NSN bosses were found to bribe some poeple to get some contracts. Initially it started with something like 200M Euro, then reached (AFAIR) 1.2B Euro. Soon after the scandal was made public the big bosses were sacked (yeah, right - sacked my ass) but der Konzern started to do some damage control and internally it launched some programs to increase morality awareness of the staff. All employees had to go through web-based training on Code of conduct: what is good what is bad, where the thin line lies, the line that divides favours / gifts from bribes, etc.

This week one company here brainwashed all employees on similar topic. I do not even want to go into how bad it was (especially compared to what NSN had done) and how it all started by implying that everyone is a thief, crook and generally person of no morality. Very offending. I know - this is Africa - but I still am learning not to expect too much. Had something like that been done in Europe - we all would sue the company and drive new Aston-Martins.

My point is - there were some decisions made here that from technical point of view make no sense. I am strongly convinced that some money changed hands under the table (it always does ;-). Question is - are they trying to preempt something?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

On lazy weekend in Nairobi

So I was just lazying around this weekend, fantasizing about resuming my running... Instead I took cedar wood log I got from a friend and with the help of my Cold Steel SRK I carved it into suburito.