Friday, May 21, 2010

On minor news

As I have twittered I broke a toe. There were some pillows on the floor blocking my way to my suits in my wardrobe so I wanted to kick them pillows outta my way and kicked the corner of the wardrobe with the toe. Some ninja, huh?
This reminds me when it was the last time I had the same toe broken. When I started Aikido back in 1992 I asked my cousin what gi to buy. She told me to get the size bigger than my size because it will shrink. And this thing never shrunk and I kept breaking my toes for two years till I got another gi...

Another news is that after 6 months of going from office to office, bragging, bribing and begging, yesterday I got my Kenyan driving license!

Besides - still looking for the venue where I can expand my growing army of ninjas. I want to have Aikido at least 3 times a week. Have found some places, still under negotiation.

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