Friday, May 7, 2010

On local Police

So the situation was like that - some subcontractors of one of vendors were asked to go to the BTS site to do some maintenance work. Unfortunately someone spotted them and called cops. And KP (Kenya Police) came and started shooting at these engineers. Three died, one critically wounded in hospital. I mean - you know - shooting with guns and bullets. And I think to myself - what kind of country is this where Police just shoots. No questioning, no warning shots... nothing. Frickin' Wild Africa! And of course nobody was found guilty. T.I.A.


zygfryd homonto said...

2 died, 1 injured (he will be ok)
but of course it does not change much

Marek said...

If policemen have normally their pants full, and its common in highly corrupted contries, they usually shoot first, then shoot just in case once again, and then check who they did the shoot...

November said...

Once, after I just arrived here, I asked a friend whether there is organized crime here and to my surprise he said:
- No
So I say:
- Is there a market niche that we can fill?
And he says:
- The Police is organized crime here, and they do not like competition.
So that means that no, police is not scared shitless. They just do not give a fuck.

zygfryd homonto said...

a bit of details: first guy was shot twice, the second one got plenty of bullets in his chest