Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We've got a winner!

I know, I know, I am a picky gamer.

I played everything that came along. And then - in mid nineties - I saw C&C. And RTS is what I become to love... till I saw Operation Flashpoint. I was blown away by its realism. And since OpFp nothing was the same. And my gaming went in two parallel paths - RTS and FPP shooters. I went through all of Call of Duty, Medal Of Honor, all Dooms and Quakes and all. I went through Starcrafts and all Diablos and so on. But it all was crap. What I needed was a game that would replicate the feeling I had with OpFp and C&C. When it comes to RTSes I found something best ever - Company Of Heroes. Simply the best RTS ever made. It's going to be seriously long time till someone actually will triumph CoH.

But when it comes to FPP shooters I still was constantly disappointed. The best contender was Americas Army and ArmA, both of which still had something missing... Then there was - recently released - OpFp Dragon Rising. Still not the thing. I play it now, but there is some element missing. Dunno, perhaps responsiveness? Is it my Vaio that's not powerful enough? Dunno, something is wrong...

And just last week I obtained PC version Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. And OMG - this is the best thing ever. OK, it's not realistic, not a war sim. This is just a entertaining game. Highly entertaining. And I love it. Will keep me warm while I wait for truly realistic and fun-to-play war sim shooter ;-)

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Oh, but it's already there!