Monday, September 14, 2009

New hardware

Rado got back from Poland and brought second batch of toys. No knives this time, just exchanged my HTC Hero from white to dark chocolate ;-)

But he also brought new camera and new lens.

Old D200 together with AFS 17-55 f/2.8 DX went to Piotr ;-) Have fun, it's really amazing camera, you'll have fun.

But what I got is D700 with AFS 14-24 f/2.8.

So... Initial impressions? The move from D200 to D700 is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Admittedly the new box is much more complex, has all kinda bells and whistles, the user manual is 3 (three!) times as thick as the D200 manual... I yet have to go through all the menus ans set it up to my needs... But for the pics I took so far - it overexposes. I need to tweak it. Besides it's fast, FX (for non-Nikon guys - full frame), and cool. To summarize - no big deal. It had to happen sooner or later.

But the lens... OMFG! I will post some pics, but with 14-24 I need to learn everything I knew from the scratch. This is a-fvcking-mazing. Of course it is sharp, no flare, no distortions (even at 14mm!). This is just the whole new world...

Will post samples soon.


Marek said...

Congrats and have fun - knowing you I'm sure you will ;)
As far as overexposure goes: When D300 came out most people were claiming it overexposes. It does not. In most situations (besides tricky ones) it is spot on. But most previous Nikon DSLRs, including the ones you're familiar with (D70, D200), underexposed and maybe because of that you might see the D700 pictures as overexposed.
I'm not saying it does not overexpose for sure. I'm just saying - give it some time and maybe you will change your viewpoint.

November said...


Sure thing there are lots of things to learn with D700, so I am not jumping to any conclusions - I just said what I saw when I took the pics with the camera right out the box. Now, after I learn how to use it and if it still overexposes - heh, that'd be another story.

Anyways - happy hunting ;-)