Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We've got a winner

Most of DoD projects start with - say - half a bln US$ budget and end up with 2,5 bln US$ and two-year delay. Take a look at Seawolf class subs - they turned out to be so expensive that Pentagon OK'ed only 3 vessels. Next class - Virginia - is much less capable (in spite of DoD's propaganda) and much cheaper. Same can be told of DDX and other programs.

Therefore it was very surprising for me when I found that one project, that not only did fit within budget but also within scheduled timeframe as well as... requirements. It even exceeded predefined requirements!

What I am talking about is EA-18G Growler - Electronic Warfare version of FA-18F Super Hornet platform. Read more here.

I do not think this is a beginning of a new trend, but who knows? You never know...

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November said...

That's even more funny in the light of this.