Friday, September 28, 2007


You know all those oriental Classics like Sun Tzu, Munenori Yagyu and, yes, even Musashi. They all wrote in their books about how to apply appearances in strategy. In Heiho Kadensho we have this long and short sword story, Sun Tzu writes that all warfare is based on deception, and so on...

And sometimes even such diligent student of strategy as myself get mislead...

A couple of years back I was roaming in London for several months. And there was this thing, that looked like a dry-cleaner's reception point. And it turned out to be the best chinese food in town. I used to hang out with this friend of mine, who knew the very rich and expensive and top-quality London. And she took a bunch of us to this place. That was funny.

Now, why this post? Well, there's this computer store in my hometown , in Wroclaw, that I always thought was a cover of some money-laundry business. Their prices were really up to one third lower then even what was available on the Net. There was no way it was a legit business. I always thought that if you went to the back room there'd be small chinese women packing white powder into small plastic bags, or huge multi-function printers spitting out 100 dollar bills... On top of that all the folks behind the counter were always huge, young guys who looked hardly literate (not to mention computer savvy). Yet yesterday I saw a huge ad of this shop on a tram. Well, unless you're really ballsy (and I mean really ballsy) you do not go public with illegitimate stuff. And those guys surfaced big time. Therefore, after all, the guys run a legit company!

As my teacher says - things are not what they seem, but they're not otherwise either... Oh well, whatever ;-)

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